Sofia Mateova. The possibility of existing

Nenko Balkanski House Museum

23.5.2024 — 30.6.2024

There are exhibitions that are difficult to talk about. They are so delicate that any retort brought to them would harm, would take away from the sincere contact with her. Sofia Mateova’s first solo exhibition is just like that.

The author herself says: “This exhibition shows the small moments in our life – what it is most complete with, the fruits of our existence and the way we influence our environment. Being in this world is a beautiful thing, it is an occasion for creating, feeling and experiencing.”

In other words, this is an exhibition, a kind of confession in painting, which confronts us with the silence of the small moments, the moments that we cannot do without.

Sofia Mateova is a 10th grade student at NUPID Acad. “Dechko Uzunov”, Spatial Design specialty. She has numerous participations and awards from national competitions, she has participated in workshops and plein airs. He shows strong talent in painting and drawing, as well as in all other academic disciplines. Her works are characterized by bold brushstrokes and strokes, precise shapes and vibrant colors. She uses a variety of techniques and materials, but her personal signature remains visible.