Ahinora museum

The home of Ivan Milev's masterpiece

The Ahinora Museum is housed in a building designed as the home of the family of Emanuil and Nina Stanchevi, constructed at the transition between the 1920s and 1930s. The head of the family was a merchant associated with the development of the local community centre “Iskra.” His wife, Nina Stancheva, was a nurse and pharmacist. Family lore tells the story of a work by the artist Ivan Milev, which was donated to the family from his first solo exhibition in Kazanlak. It was given as a gesture of gratitude to the family, which supported the artist in acquiring medicines to strengthen his health at the time. After 1948, most of the Stanchevi family’s property was confiscated, leaving them only their home. In the early 1970s, they were forced to vacate it in exchange for another property allowing part of the city’s municipal administration to be housed there. On the rainy day of January 3, 1971, the Stanchevi family moved out, and since then, the building has been municipal property. At the end of 2021, the idea was born to transform it into a museum space that would house one of the most valuable works kept in the city of roses – the painting Ahinora by Ivan Milev from 1925, which he donated to his native Kazanlak just a few months before his death. The Kazanlak municipality carried out the building’s renovation and completed a full modernisation of the entire plaza space in front of it, based on a project by architect Nikolay Nikolov. In the new museum space, two exhibition halls have been arranged – one as a permanent home for the Ivan Milev painting and the other as a hall for temporary exhibitions. The Ahinora Museum was officially opened on May 24, 2023, as a branch of the Art Gallery Kazanlak.

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Ahinora museum is one of the four permanent locations of Art Gallery Kazanlak. They are located in the city center and are on a walking distance between each other.

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