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Заедно в изкуството

Transparent and modern

The art gallery in Kazanlak strives to be an example of an open and transparent cultural institution. The gallery is known for its commitment to promoting and presenting contemporary Bulgarian art, as well as for socializing its rich art collection.

In addition to its extensive exhibition program, the gallery regularly organizes workshops, lectures, and educational events, contributing to stronger audience engagement and a better understanding of visual art.

The gallery’s management is also committed to transparency, regularly publishing reports on its activities and interacting with the public through social networks and other channels. This open and transparent approach has helped build trust and support among the local community and positions the Art Gallery in Kazanlak as a leading cultural institution in Bulgaria.

dr. Plamen Petrov


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Katya Hristova

Chief curator

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dr. Milen Alagenski


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Dora Zarcheva

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Joanna Bradshaw

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Tsvetelina Velkova

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Lyuben Malchev

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Kiril Georgiev

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Georgi Sharov

Graphic designer

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One of the oldest art
collections in the country

The Art Gallery in Kazanlak, founded in 1901, is among the oldest art collections in Bulgaria and has valuable works by prominent Bulgarian artists. It presents permanent and temporary exhibitions that reflect the historical and contemporary development of the visual arts in Bulgaria.

Four locations in the heart of the city

The period between 1930 and 1958 was fruitful for the development of the art collection, during which the artist and writer Dimitar Chorbadzhiyski – Chudomir was the director of the Museum of Antiquities and Arts. With his sense and personal contacts with the artists of his time, he enriched the collection with nationally significant works.

Since 1973, the gallery has been an independent cultural institute, and in 1981 it established its permanent exhibition in part of the newly built building at 9 Sts. Cyril and Methodius St., as well as in the house museums of the artists Nenko Balkanski and Dechko Uzunov.

Current Exhibitions

Darina Yaneva. A shared mystery

18.5.2024 — 16.10.2024
Main building


17.5.2024 — ∞
Main building

Nenko Balkanski. Chronologies

27.3.2024 — ∞
Nenko Balkanski House Museum

Dechko Uzunov. Accumulations

28.3.2023 — ∞
Dechko Uzunov House Museum